Creative neighbourhoods and their social and economic benefits

Volume 9 No 4 / October 27, 201027 October 2010

In this issue: Four reports and presentations that examine artistic neighbourhoods, spaces and districts, including the intersection of culture, economy and place.


Anchoring Creative Habitats

Arts Research Monitor

Given that there is only limited text in this presentation, it is difficult to extract many insights from a print version of the presentation. That being said, the presentation does provide lists of the “base elements of infrastructure” that may enha… View this resource

Mapping Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada’s Large Cities

Arts Research Monitor

This study, prepared for the City of Vancouver, the City of Calgary, the City of Toronto, the City of Ottawa and the Ville de Montréal, shows that, collectively, the 53,500 artists in these five large cities represent 38% of all artists in Canada, a… View this resource

‘Natural’ Cultural Districts and Neighbourhood Revitalization

Arts Research Monitor

This presentation argues that creativity is the product of social organization, “not simply the work of a few geniuses”. In this environment, the presentation suggests that “we need a policy approach that understands how deeply creativity is embedded… View this resource

How Artist Space Matters

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines the social, economic and physical impacts of three arts development projects in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, based on interviews with over 100 people and other data sources. The facilities include two artists’ cooperatives an… View this resource

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