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Youth, cosmopolitanism and digital environment: cultural participation in flux

June 21, 201221 June 2012

Performing arts attendance / Audience motivations

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Arguing that “the effects of globalization and the digital environment present an important challenge for cultural policies and institutions”, this recent conference brought together experts from Canada, Europe, and the United States in order to “allow participants to review the traditional model of cultural development, with particular emphasis on the cultural behaviour of immigrant populations and of younger generations”.

A number of the conference presentations are available for download on Culture Montréal’s website. Together, the presentations addressed important questions regarding cultural participation:

  • How do different groups conceive of “the arts” and “culture”? How do formal and informal arts practices differ among different groups?
  • How are “participative culture” and digital practices changing how culture is consumed? Are we on the brink of radical change in the way people become involved in the arts?
  • How can productive relationships between creators, producers, cultural disseminators and the public be developed?
  • Are the cultural content and experiences on offer in line with current cultural interests and points of reference?
  • Are the realities of immigrant populations adequately reflected in strategies to democratize and develop culture?

Among the key conclusions of the conference: 1) statistical research must adapt to new cultural realities; 2) the media should better reflect the cosmopolitan cultural environment; and 3) arts education is increasingly important as a means of contributing to individuals’ cultural discernment faced with the huge quantity of online cultural offerings.

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