Performing arts attendance / Audience motivations

Volume 11 No 2 / July 11, 201211 July 2012

In this issue: Four reports that examine arts attendance and attendee motivations, including a survey of Canadians’ performing arts participation, a Montreal conference that examined the changing nature of cultural participation, an international study of theatre attendee motivations, and an American study of factors in performing arts attendance.


Motivational and Demographic Factors for Performing Arts Attendance Across Place and Form

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines demographic and motivational factors in theatre, dance and classical music attendance in Boston, Seattle, and Minneapolis-St. Paul based on surveys conducted in 2002. The researchers created statistical models to investigate simi… View this resource

Why people go to the theatre: a qualitative study of audience motivation

Arts Research Monitor

This qualitative research paper investigated “the complex motivations of theatre audiences” based on “40 semi-structured in-depth interviews” with “highly theatre-literate” audience members in Britain and Australia. The study found that “the key moti… View this resource

Youth, cosmopolitanism and digital environment: cultural participation in flux

Arts Research Monitor

Arguing that “the effects of globalization and the digital environment present an important challenge for cultural policies and institutions”, this recent conference brought together experts from Canada, Europe, and the United States in order to “all… View this resource

Survey of the General Public

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines Canadians’ performing arts participation based on a combination online and telephone survey of 1,031 adults. The survey instrument was designed to be comparable with results from the 2005 General Social Survey. These two surveys… View this resource

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