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Culture and Major Events Tracking Study

May 27, 201527 May 2015

Dance / Arts participation and engagement

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Based on a “nationally representative” online survey of just over 2,000 United Kingdom residents 16 or older, this report attempts to provide “detailed insights into the behaviour of arts and culture fans, their participation and attendance and how they consume content”. The report also provides similar information about sports.

Overall, 89% of U.K. residents indicated that they have some interest in the arts, compared with 83% with some interest in sports. The 89% who are interested in the arts includes 10% who are extremely interested, 22% very interested, 30% somewhat interested, and 26% slightly interested.

When asked whether they consider themselves an “arty person” or a “sporty person”, more U.K. residents chose arty (43%) than sporty (38%). The difference is particularly high among women (47% arty vs. 25% sporty). More men consider themselves sporty (51%) than arty (38%).

Nearly one-half of U.K. residents indicated that “arts and culture are important in helping them to understand the world around them” (44%). Similarly, 47% agreed that “the arts make a positive difference to the area where I live”. In comparison, 62% of respondents agreed that “sport plays an important role in bringing communities together”.

Regarding arts attendance, the report found that men and women “attend in approximately equal proportions”, but “younger people attend more regularly than older age groups”. The survey found that the most commonly mentioned barriers to attendance include the arts being too expensive (43%) or taking place too far from home (33%) as well as respondents not having enough free time (25%).

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