Dance / Arts participation and engagement

Volume 14 No 2 / May 27, 201527 May 2015

In this issue: Summaries of a major Canadian report on active participation in dance, American reports on arts participation and local arts vibrancy, and a report from the United Kingdom on arts participation.


Culture and Major Events Tracking Study

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a “nationally representative” online survey of just over 2,000 United Kingdom residents 16 or older, this report attempts to provide “detailed insights into the behaviour of arts and culture fans, their participation and at… View this resource

NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index

Arts Research Monitor

The Arts Vibrancy Index attempts to identify cities that possess artistic vibrancy, which is defined to include per-capita measures of:Arts supply, including “the number of arts and entertainment employees, arts-related organizations and indepe… View this resource

Culture Track 2014

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a survey of 4,026 Americans 18 years of age or over, Culture Track 2014 examines cultural attendance as well as the attitudes, motivations, and behaviours of “culturally-active audiences” in an attempt to “understand what… View this resource

Findings from Yes I Dance: A Survey of who Dances in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This large-scale survey, completed by 8,124 Canadians 16 or older, aimed to develop “a better understanding of who dances in Canada, where they dance, and why”. Despite the large sample size, the report cautions that it “is consider… View this resource

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