Aboriginal arts

Volume 8 No 5 / October 28, 200928 October 2009

In this issue: A summary of recent reports on Aboriginal artists and arts administrators, including an examination of the specific realities of Aboriginal arts activity in Canada.


Contemporary Inuit Arts in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Published by the Canada Council for the Arts, this brief fact sheet notes that there is a rich tradition of creativity and artistic ability in Inuit communities, with many artists blending “traditional knowledge with modern-day techniques”. “Elements… View this resource

Contemporary Aboriginal Arts in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This brief fact sheet notes that “artistic expression is at the heart of Aboriginal culture”. The fact sheet reminds us that there is not a single, uniform Aboriginal culture or art. “There has always been a great diversity of Aboriginal cultures and… View this resource

Aboriginal Arts Research Initiative

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a series of consultations in 2007 with Aboriginal artists, arts administrators, elders, youth and other community members, this report attempts “to better understand the specificities of Aboriginal art practices; to explore the impact of the… View this resource

Final Report: Aboriginal Arts Administration Forum

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an “applied research forum” in February 2008 involving Aboriginal leaders, this report explores “the realities of Aboriginal arts administration in Canada and the needs for training and professional development in the field”. Topics explored… View this resource

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