Arts and health

Volume 17 No 9 / February 27, 201927 February 2019

In this issue: Highlights from four recent reports examining the benefits of arts and culture for health and wellbeing, including reports on musical interventions in healthcare settings in Canada and the United Kingdom, findings from extensive research and consultations on the arts and health in the United Kingdom, and a literature review of the evidence for arts and culture’s effects on health and wellbeing and in the criminal justice system.


Live Music in Care

Arts Research Monitor

Using a mixed methods approach, University of Winchester researchers in the United Kingdom (UK) found that weekly sessions with professional musicians resulted in “significant benefits” for residents, staff, and the overall atmosphere in five care ho… View this resource

Music Matters: Optimizing Music in Complex Care and Rehabilitation

Arts Research Monitor

Based on mostly qualitative data obtained through patient focus groups as well as stakeholder and staff consultations in a rehabilitation and complex care hospital, this report explores how music care could be delivered and evaluated in complex care… View this resource

Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing

Arts Research Monitor

Noting that it is potentially “the most comprehensive overview of the field to date”, this report provides evidence demonstrating the impact of the arts on health and wellbeing throughout all stages of life. The authors conclude that the evidence poi… View this resource

Arts and culture in health and wellbeing and in the criminal justice system

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a literature review of over 175 articles and reports published since 2010 (mainly academic literature), this report provides an examination of the evidence base for the effects of arts and culture on health and wellbeing and the criminal jus… View this resource

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