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Volume 6 No 7 / December 6, 20076 December 2007

In this issue: A series of local “vital signs” reports examine some cultural indicators in selected Canadian metropolitan areas. The findings of these reports will be contrasted with the findings of recent reports on consumer spending on culture and cultural and heritage activities in Canada and the provinces in 2005.


Provincial Profiles of Cultural and Heritage Activities in 2005

Arts Research Monitor

Based on Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey, this report provides provincial information about cultural and heritage activities in 1992 and 2005. The report provides insights into the number and percentage of provincial residents 15 or older w… View this resource

Cultural and Heritage Activities of Canadians in 2005

Arts Research Monitor

Based on Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey, this recent report from Hill Strategies Research provides statistical information about the cultural and heritage activities of Canadians in 2005 as well as changes in these activities between 1992… View this resource

Consumer Spending on Culture in Canada, the Provinces and 15 Metropolitan Areas in 2005

Arts Research Monitor

This report shows that Canadian consumers spent over $25 billion on cultural goods and services in 2005, including art supplies and musical instruments, art works and events, home entertainment, movie theatre admissions, photographic equipment and se… View this resource

Vital Signs

Arts Research Monitor

The 11 local reports in the Vital Signs series provide some interesting information about the arts in the selected communities. However, because some of the indicators do not follow standard definitions from Statistics Canada or other cultural sector… View this resource

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