Arts education and participation

Volume 9 No 1 / August 25, 201025 August 2010

In this issue: four reports on arts education in Canada and the US, including a survey of the cultural activities of Montreal-area youth as well as American reports on arts learning participation and the nature of excellence in arts education.


2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (Arts learning findings)

Arts Research Monitor

Since 1982, the National Endowment for the Arts has conducted a benchmark survey of Americans’ involvement in arts activities. In keeping with the theme of this issue of the Arts Research Monitor, the survey’s findings regarding arts learning are sum… View this resource

Increasing arts demand through better arts learning

Arts Research Monitor

This brief fact sheet argues that, in addition to building new audiences through marketing campaigns, program offerings, price and convenience, “increasing the quality and access of arts learning opportunities deserves much more attention as a way of… View this resource

The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education

Arts Research Monitor

This report from Harvard University’s “Project Zero” explores the “complex factors, actors, and settings that must be aligned to achieve quality in arts education”. The report argues that, while “access to arts learning experiences remains a critical… View this resource

Youth and culture

Arts Research Monitor

This survey of 600 students in 10 Quebec colleges was conducted by journalists at La Presse in February 2010. Unfortunately, the report does not provide an estimate of the margin of error. This is a major limitation on any interpretation of the resul… View this resource

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