Arts participation / Public engagement

Volume 11 No 8 / January 16, 201316 January 2013

In this issue: A summary of four reports on public engagement and arts participation, including a Canadian discussion paper on public engagement, a British study that segments arts audiences, a Canadian study of factors in arts attendance, and a presentation on the changing demographics of arts attendance.


Changing demographics and their effect on values, beliefs and attitudes toward performing arts presentation

Arts Research Monitor

The bulk of this presentation provides information about key demographic trends in Canada: a growing and aging population, differences in average age by location, increased immigration from Asian countries, and an increasing Aboriginal population. Th… View this resource

Factors in Canadians’ Arts Attendance in 2010

Arts Research Monitor

Based on Statistics Canada’s 2010 General Social Survey, an in-depth telephone survey of about 7,500 Canadians 15 or older, this report concludes that “there is an arts-interested public that transcends demographics”. For example, the report indicate… View this resource

Arts audiences: Insight 2011

Arts Research Monitor

Based on large-scale surveys of English adults, this report aims to provide “a tool to inform marketing and audience development plans for arts organisations, local authorities and other agencies working in the arts”. The report outlines 13 arts cons… View this resource

Public Engagement in the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

The goal of this discussion paper is to provide “a high-level overview of current thinking and practices in the sphere of public engagement in the arts”. Noting that the concept of public engagement “springs from a broader discourse about democracy,… View this resource

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