Business support for the arts / Economic and social benefits

Volume 13 No 8 / January 28, 201528 January 2015

In this issue: Summaries of recent reports that examine business support for the arts in Canada, perceptions of businesses and the public regarding supporting the arts, the social and economic benefits of arts organizations in Alberta, the long-term economic impacts of the arts in American metropolitan areas, and potential indicators of the benefits of the arts for community livability.


The Validating Arts & Livability Indicators (VALI) Study

Arts Research Monitor

Based on site visits of grant recipients from the National Endowment for the Arts’ “Our Town” initiative, a one-day session with other grant recipients, and a focus group with creative placemaking experts, this report examines the u… View this resource

Culture Shocks and Consequences

Arts Research Monitor

Using historical data from 384 American metropolitan areas, the exploratory research in this report examines whether an increase in the spending of local not-for-profit arts and culture organizations has a long-term, positive impact on the local econ… View this resource

Arts Impact Alberta 2014

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines the benefits “for people, communities and the economy” of arts organizations receiving operating funding from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) over a seven year period (2006-2013).In addition to statistics fr… View this resource

Canadians Value Companies that Support the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

As the report’s title indicates, one of the key findings of this presentation of ongoing research is that many Canadians look favourably on companies that support the arts. A public survey found that 52% of respondents “feel more favourab… View this resource

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