Digital technologies and the cultural sector

Volume 11 No 6 / November 21, 201221 November 2012

In this issue: A focus on Canadian studies that explore the effects of digital technologies on the cultural sector, including two reports examining the sector as a whole, a study of theatre, and a series of articles and reports on e-books.



Arts Research Monitor

In the consumer book market, a February 2012 survey (National Book Count, found that “e-book sales comprised 10% of all books sold in English Canada. Public libraries reported that 3% o… View this resource

Beyond the Curtain: How Digital Media is Reshaping Theatre

Arts Research Monitor

This study attempts to address three key research questions: 1) “How is digital media currently used in theatres both in Ontario and beyond and what is the potential for expanding its use?”; 2) “How can the content developed for the stage be adapted… View this resource

Digital Transitions and the Impact of New Technology on the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

This discussion paper, intended for use by arts funding bodies, provides a useful overview of “current knowledge on the theme of digital transition and the impact of new technology on the arts”. The discussion paper is based on a literature review, c… View this resource

Culture 3.0: Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on the Cultural Sector in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a literature review and consultation with 250 arts practitioners and cultural workers, this report examines the impact of digital technologies on human resources in the cultural sector. While the Executive Summary does not define “emerging d… View this resource

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