Diversity, immigration and the arts

Volume 6 No 2 / May 29, 200729 May 2007

This month: a focus on research into diversity, immigration and the arts, including a major British report on cultural diversity and the arts, a Canadian survey of arts participation and attitudes towards the arts of diverse groups, a Canadian study of immigrants’ literacy skills, and a report on the social and civic participation of immigrants to Canada.


Making Connections: Social and Civic Engagement among Canadian Immigrants

Arts Research Monitor

This report identifies six measures to gauge immigrants’ social and civic participation: volunteer rates; donation rates; membership in non-profit community groups; voting rates; the “consumption” of current affairs; and informal gi… View this resource

Literacy Skills among Canada’s Immigrant Population

Arts Research Monitor

This report, based on findings from the 2001 Census and the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey, highlights how Canada is becoming increasingly diverse, with significant immigration from non-European countries. “Between 1991 and… View this resource

Diversity in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This 2006 survey conducted for the Department of Canadian Heritage examines the arts attendance, involvement in the arts, and attitudes towards the arts of six target population groups in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The six target groups are Chi… View this resource

Navigating Difference: Cultural Diversity and Audience Development

Arts Research Monitor

This British report, with contributions from 40 different people, highlights the case for greater diversity, the complexities of diversity, the current diversity of the U.K.’s cultural organizations, examples of how other sectors engage with di… View this resource

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