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Volume 13 No 1 / July 30, 201430 July 2014

In this issue: Detailed information about spending on culture, including two Canadian reports on local governments’ cultural spending, a Canadian study of the donating preferences of different age groups, as well as an American report on arts funding.


Arts Funding Snapshot

Arts Research Monitor

These brief articles highlight government support for the arts in 2013 and foundation support for the arts and culture in 2011 in the United States. The public funding article focusses on support for the arts, not broader elements of culture (which a… View this resource

The Next Generation of Canadian Giving 2013

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an online survey of 809 Canadians outside of Quebec who made a financial donation to a not-for-profit organization over the year before the survey (May 2013), this report examines generational differences in charitable giving. Unfortunately,… View this resource

Saskatoon’s Investment in Culture, 2009 to 2012

Arts Research Monitor

While focussed on cultural investments by the City of Saskatoon, this research document also provided information regarding the expenditures of other municipal governments that have participated in a similar benchmarking process over the past few yea… View this resource

Municipal spending on culture in Quebec in 2012

Arts Research Monitor

This report from Quebec’s cultural observatory highlights various statistics related to cultural spending by Quebec municipalities in 2012. In the report, cultural spending includes: libraries; arts and letters; heritage, public art and design;… View this resource

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