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Volume 5 No 2 / August 28, 200628 August 2006

This month: a Canadian business organization highlights the role of arts and culture in transforming communities, an American report outlines the role and impacts of dedicated artists’ centres, while three Canadian reports examine the number and earnings of artists in cities, small municipalities and neighbourhoods.


Artists in Large Canadian Cities / Small and Rural Municipalities / Neighbourhoods

Arts Research Monitor

Artists in Large Canadian Cities Artists in Small and Rural Municipalities Artists by Neighbourhood in Canadahttp://w… View this resource

Artists’ Centers: Evolution and Impact on Career, Neighborhoods and Economies

Arts Research Monitor

This American report examines various aspects of artists’ centres, including their formation, funding and transformation, their impacts on artists, communities, neighbourhoods and economies, and their organizational challenges. The authors, Ann Marku… View this resource

From Bronze to Gold: A Blueprint for Canadian Leadership in a Transforming World

Arts Research Monitor

From Bronze to Gold outlines “10 solid steps toward a creative economy” and “five creative leaps to consider” in order to boost Canadian productivity and position Canada to compete more effectively in a global economy. From a cultural standpoint, thi… View this resource

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