Performing arts

Volume 11 No 4 / September 19, 201219 September 2012

In this issue: A summary of recent statistics related to Canadian performing arts organizations, Quebec dancers and choreographers, and 50 Canadian orchestras.


Financial and Statistical Analysis of 50 Canadian Orchestras: 2004-05 to 2010-11

Arts Research Monitor

This report and two presentations were prepared by Kelly Hill using data submitted by 50 members of Orchestras Canada. The resources focus on the changes in the situation of Canadian orchestras more than the current financial state of orchestras. Bet… View this resource

The Dance Profession in Quebec in 2010

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines the situation of the estimated 650 dancers and choreographers in Quebec, based on a survey of members or applicants of the Quebec dance association (Regroupement québécois de la danse), the Quebec arts council (Conseil des arts e… View this resource

Performing Arts 2010

Arts Research Monitor

Statistics Canada’s annual performing arts survey provides information about not-for-profit and for-profit theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, opera, dance, musical groups (e.g., orchestras, chamber music and popular music groups) and other org… View this resource

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