Performing arts finances, attendance and participation

Volume 9 No 8 / February 16, 201116 February 2011

In this issue: A focus on the performing arts, including a statistical summary of the situation of Canadian performing arts organizations, statistics on Canadian consumer spending on live performances, as well as Canadian and American reports on audience engagement and development.


Patterns in Performing Arts Spending in Canada in 2008

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a Statistics Canada survey of the spending habits of nearly 10,000 Canadian households in 2008, this report examines variations in performing arts spending between households, including differences in average spending and the percentage of h… View this resource

Research into action: Pathways to new opportunities

Arts Research Monitor

“In May 2008, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance announced an ambitious goal to double the region’s cultural participation in a dozen years.” This report works toward this goal of the “Engage 2020” project by providing research into how Phila… View this resource

Creative Trust’s Audience Engagement Survey

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines the engagement preferences of Toronto-area performing arts attendees before, during and after performances. The report is based on nearly 3,700 responses to a survey distributed by 20 performing arts organizations that are member… View this resource

Performing Arts 2008

Arts Research Monitor

Statistics Canada’s annual performing arts survey provides information about non-profit and for-profit theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, opera, dance, musical groups (e.g., orchestras, chamber music and popular music groups) and other organiz… View this resource

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