Situation of artists

Volume 14 No 7 / November 25, 201525 November 2015

In this issue: Four reports examining different aspects of the working lives of artists, including a Canadian study on the education of artists, a series of reports from the United Kingdom on the situation of visual artists, a report on Quebec song, and a series of American reports on the earnings of musicians and composers.


Artist Revenue Streams

Arts Research Monitor

This series of reports examines the revenues of musicians and composers in the United States based on an online survey (5,371 respondents), in-person interviews with more than 80 musicians, and six case studies of musicians' financial records. Wh… View this resource

A Portrait of Quebec Song

Arts Research Monitor

Prepared for a 2013 Forum on Quebec Song, this French-language opinion piece attempts to stimulate reflection on the state of Quebec song and French-language song in particular.  Raising important questions, the article examines topics such as i… View this resource

Paying Artists: Valuing Art, Valuing Artists

Arts Research Monitor

Unlike some other countries, including Canada, visual artists in the United Kingdom do not have a standard fee structure for exhibiting in public galleries. The “Paying Artists” campaign, which is attempting to change that, has produced a… View this resource

Educating Artists

Arts Research Monitor

Based on the 2013 National Graduates Survey and the 2011 National Household Survey, this report examines the labour force situation of arts graduates and the post-secondary education of artists in Canada.Looking at the 326,300 Canadian workers 25 yea… View this resource

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