Situation of artists

Volume 7 No 10 / March 31, 200931 March 2009

In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined the situation of artists. This issue of the Arts Research Monitor reviews five reports from Canada and the U.S. concerning the number of artists, their earnings and other characteristics of artists’ working lives.


Women Artists: 1990 to 2005

Arts Research Monitor

This Research Note indicates that female artists who work full-year, full-time earn 25% less than male artists who also work full-year, full-time. The difference in earnings is much higher for older female artists than for younger ones. Overall, ther… View this resource

Artists in the Workforce: 1990 to 2005

Arts Research Monitor

Using counts from the census and the American Community Survey, this report indicates that there are about 2 million artists in the U.S., or 1.4% of the overall American labour force. Median income from all sources is $34,800 for artists, which is hi… View this resource

Artists in Canada’s Provinces and Territories

Arts Research Monitor

Like the report on artists in the country as a whole, this report from Hill Strategies Research examines the situation of artists, with a focus on the Canadian provinces and territories. Artists include nine arts occupations, such as actors, authors,… View this resource

A Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This report from Hill Strategies Research shows that there are 140,000 artists in Canada who spent more time at their art than at any other occupation in May 2006. This report defines “artists” to include nine arts occupations, encompassing actors, a… View this resource

Artists in a Year of Recession: Impact on Jobs in 2008

Arts Research Monitor

Using unpublished labour statistics, this report finds that artists have particularly “high unemployment rates and discouraging job prospects” in the U.S. during the current recession. Among the negative statistics: 63% more artists were unemployed i… View this resource

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