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Volume 14 No 10 / March 16, 201616 March 2016

In this issue: Results of Canadian surveys on volunteers, donors and charities, including a survey of trust in charities, a study of arts and culture volunteers and donors, and two Statistics Canada articles on volunteers and donors in all types of not-for-profit organizations.


Volunteering in Canada, 2004 to 2013

Arts Research Monitor

This article provides a more in-depth examination of Canadian volunteers and trends in volunteering between 2004 and 2013 than a similar Statistics Canada article (Volunteering and charitable giving in Canada, summarized elsewhere in this issue of th… View this resource

Volunteering and charitable giving in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Based on the General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering, and Participating, this article highlights the gifts of time and money made by individuals to all types of not-for-profit organizations in 2013.Overall, 44% of Canadians volunteered a total… View this resource

Volunteers and Donors in Arts and Culture Organizations in Canada in 2013

Arts Research Monitor

This is the first of three reports in this issue of the Arts Research Monitor that is based on Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering, and Participating (a survey of 14,714 Canadians 15 or older). This report delves i… View this resource

Talking about charities 2013

Arts Research Monitor

This report argues that “public trust is of central importance to Canadian charities. It underpins many key relationships: with donors, volunteers, clients, policymakers, regulators, and corporate sponsors.” Based on a telephone survey of… View this resource

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