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Cultural and Heritage Activities of Canadians in 2005

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March 28, 200728 March 2007

This report provides insights into the number and percentage of Canadians 15 or older who, in 2005:

  • Attended live performances;
  • Visited art galleries and other museums;
  • Visited historic sites and other heritage organizations;
  • Read a newspaper, magazine or book;
  • Watched movies or videos; or
  • Listened to recorded music.

Canadians continue to support cultural activities
Overall, the report finds that most cultural and heritage activities attracted roughly the same percentage of Canadians in 2005 as in 1992. Given the population growth between 1992 and 2005, all cultural and heritage activities saw an increase in the absolute number of Canadians attending, visiting, reading, watching or listening.

More Canadians read a book than go to a movie
The 17.4 million Canadians reading at least one book is slightly larger than the 15.9 million Canadians going to at least one movie at a theatre or drive-in.

Art galleries increasingly popular with Canadians
There was a strong and consistent increase in art gallery visitors between 1992 and 2005, which may be an indication of an increasingly visual culture in Canada. The overall percentage of Canadians visiting an art gallery increased from 19.6% in 1992 to 24.0% in 1998 and increased again to 26.7% in 2005. Exactly 7 million Canadians visited an art gallery in 2005.

Classical music audiences increased slightly
Contrary to fears concerning a general decline of classical audiences, classical music saw a slight increase in the percentage of the population attending a performance between 1992 and 2005.

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