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Performing Arts Spending in Canada in 2001 (April 2004)

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April 29, 200429 April 2004

This report shows that Canadians spent a total of $824 million on live performing arts in 2001, nearly double the spending on live sporting events ($451 million). For the 36% of Canadian households (or 4.2 million households) that spent some money on live performing arts, average spending was $195 per household.

Not all households spent an equal amount, however: Households that spent $240 or more on live performing arts in 2001 accounted for 60% of all performing arts spending (or nearly $500 million). The full report highlights some demographic characteristics of the highest-spending households.

The full report also examines performing arts spending by income, age, households with or without children, local population, and region.

Other statistics in the report include the fact that households that spend a significant amount of money on live performing arts also have much higher spending on other arts, entertainment and sporting activities than low or non-spenders. In addition, “high spenders” on the performing arts are particularly generous in gifts to family and friends and charitable donations.

In addition, the report finds that “high spenders” on live performing arts also spend much more than low or non-spenders on a range of consumer goods and services, including cellphones, automobiles and financial services. These market statistics may help performing arts organizations obtain business sponsorships.

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