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The State of Theatre for Young People in Canada: Voices from the Field

Commissioned from Hill Strategies Research by the Ontario Arts Council.

April 26, 200426 April 2004

This report provides a portrait of the state of Theatre for Young People in Ontario in 2004, including significant information about the structure, impacts, challenges and needs of the sector. The report, based on findings from focus group sessions, individual interviews, and email questionnaires, examines the artistic and business practice in the sector as well as its financial realities.

The report concludes by outlining possible actions, as recommended by the research participants, that might help stakeholders strengthen the sector’s impact, growth and evolution. The recommendations also include possibilities for further research to cover gaps that could not be addressed in the qualitative research that forms the basis of this study.

The report is available from the Ontario Arts Council:
The State of Theatre for Young People in Ontario: Voices from the Field

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