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Presentation: Individual Donors and Volunteers

Montreal, November 29, 2006

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January 22, 200722 January 2007

This presentation, conducted by Kelly Hill and presented by Culture Montreal in November 2006, provides a portrait of individual participation in arts and culture organizations. The English report refers to Canadian data related to volunteers and individual donors in the arts and culture, while the French report is the original presentation, which highlighted the situation in Quebec.

The presentation addresses many questions, including:

  • How many Canadians give their time or money to arts and culture organizations?
  • Are there regional variations in giving and volunteering?
  • Have arts and culture donations increased or decreased?
  • What are the motivations and perceptions of volunteers and donors?
  • Which demographic groups are most likely to donate or volunteer?
  • What are the conditions, barriers and opportunities with regard to donations and volunteering?
  • What actions could be taken to increase the number of volunteers and donors?
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