Arts attendance / Social impacts of the arts

Volume 16 No 8 / January 31, 201831 January 2018

In this issue: Research insights from Canada, the United States, and Australia related to arts attendance, audience engagement, community impacts of the arts, and the relationship between arts participation and civic engagement.


Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey

Arts Research Monitor

Primarily based on a survey of over 7,500 Australians 15 and older (as well as similar surveys in 2009 and 2013), this report outlines key data on Australians’ arts participation, recognition of the value of the arts, and attitudes toward the a… View this resource

Culture Track 2017

Arts Research Monitor

Culture Track summarizes survey findings related to Americans’ cultural engagement as well as the “attitudes, motivators, and barriers to participation”. The results are based on two online surveys of adults who participated in at l… View this resource

Hearts and Minds: The Arts and Civic Engagement

Arts Research Monitor

This international literature review attempts “to better understand whether research has shown that arts experiences of any kind – whether conventional audience experiences or newer “engagement” experiences, learning in the ar… View this resource

Creative Strategies Incubator Findings

Arts Research Monitor

The nine video presentations in this series outline findings “from three years of strategic experimentation and shared learning” by seven arts organizations, with the overarching goal of better understanding “how to engage with audi… View this resource

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