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Volume 16 No 7 / November 22, 201722 November 2017

In this issue: Highlights from four reports that examine different aspects of the working lives, incomes, and training of artists, including reports on Canadian dance performers, Canadian multidisciplinary artists and collectives, entrepreneurship training for American artists, and the relationship (if any) between socioeconomic status and access to a professional arts career.


Who can afford to be a starving artist?

Arts Research Monitor

Drawing on the results of a variety of mostly American surveys, this brief article argues that there are “troubling signs that socioeconomic status does correlate with access to a professional arts career”.For example, an American study f… View this resource

Career Skills and Entrepreneurship Training for Artists

Arts Research Monitor

This report, based on responses from 26,200 alumni of arts programs in 43 American institutions, provides “insights into the current state of career skills and entrepreneurship education in arts schools”. The author argues that “bui… View this resource

Rewilding the arts ecosystem

Arts Research Monitor

Based on 11 case studies of Canadian artists, collectives, and organizations engaged in multidisciplinary practices, this report identifies “key characteristics of multidisciplinary approaches … to develop and sustain their practices, ac… View this resource

Professional dance performers in Canada in 2016

Arts Research Monitor

This survey of 532 Canadian dance performers examines “their dance work, their demographic and family situation, their working lives and incomes, their health and well-being, as well as their career development and transitions”. The surve… View this resource

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