Arts indicators / Well-being / Social benefits

Volume 12 No 4 / August 14, 201314 August 2013

In this issue: A number of recent reports have provided indexes and indicators of cultural and social well-being. This issue highlights two arts-specific reports, including an American arts index and a proposed set of cultural indicators for Australia. The issue also examines whether and how culture is integrated into two international indexes of social progress and well-being.


Social Progress Index

Arts Research Monitor

This comparative international report attempts to contribute to a fuller understanding of social and economic development by “measuring the things that really matter to people – their basic needs, their food, shelter and security; their a… View this resource

Better Life Index

Arts Research Monitor

Arguing that key economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product have “failed to capture many of the factors that influence people's lives”, this comparative international report attempts to provide “a better understanding of… View this resource

Vital Signs: Cultural Indicators for Australia

Arts Research Monitor

This Australian report aims “to deliver a tool to enable governments, the [cultural] sector and the community to monitor the achievements of the sector, the role arts and culture play in economic and social agendas, and the vitality and cultura… View this resource

National Arts Index 2012

Arts Research Monitor

The National Arts Index attempts to measure “the health and vitality of the arts in the U.S.” The report, released in 2012 and based largely on 2010 data, incorporates 83 equally-weighted national indicators across four key dimensions: fi… View this resource

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