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Volume 12 No 5 / September 11, 201311 September 2013

In this issue: A focus on recent reports on arts education, including American summaries of the benefits of arts and music education, Canadian research into the relationship between music training and reading skills, a Quebec survey of the cultural activities of children and their parents, and a Canadian report on the labour market value of higher education.


Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Arts Education

Arts Research Monitor

With 40 citations from a range of sources, this brief bulletin provides a useful summary of research findings regarding the benefits of arts education. Indicating that arts education is key “to ensuring students’ success in school, work,… View this resource

Associations Between Length of Music Training and Reading Skills in Children

Arts Research Monitor

This study examines “whether music training is associated with higher-level reading abilities such as reading comprehension” in 46 “normal-achieving” children between six and nine years of age. Thirty-five girls and 11 boys pa… View this resource

The Development of Children’s Cultural Practices in Quebec

Arts Research Monitor

The most basic conclusion of this report from Quebec’s cultural observatory is that mothers who read tend to have children who read. The analysis is based on the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD), a yearly survey of a repre… View this resource

Degrees of Success: The Payoff to Higher Education in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Based largely on 2006 labour force data, this report examines the earnings of university graduates in Canada. Overall, the report notes that “it pays to get a post-secondary education”, but returns to education vary by field of study.For… View this resource

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