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Volume 5 No 4 / October 4, 20064 October 2006

This month: an examination of arts management issues, including reports on young cultural managers, remuneration and employment in Quebec arts organizations, transition planning, flexible management models, and management practices in Aboriginal and culturally-diverse arts organizations.


Flexible Management Models

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines flexible management models for artists, collectives and small arts organizations, based on a literature review, funding program information as well as discussions with arts agency staff, arts foundation staff, artists, arts organ… View this resource

“Stories from the Field” – Perspectives on Innovative Management Practices for Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Arts Organizations

Arts Research Monitor

Although awkwardly translated from the original French, this report contains important information about the management practices and the overall state of Aboriginal and culturally-diverse arts organizations in Canada. On the whole, it appears that A… View this resource

Legacy, Transition, Succession: Supporting the Past and Future of Canada’s Arts Organizations

Arts Research Monitor

Based primarily on a literature review, interviews with the Canada Council’s subcommittee on legacy, transition and succession, and interviews with other Council staff, this report highlights the situation of arts organizations regarding legacy… View this resource

L’emploi et la rémunération dans les organismes artistiques en 2003-2004

Arts Research Monitor

This French-language report profiles the situation of 329 arts organizations receiving support from Quebec’s provincial arts funder, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Many of these organizations are small: 71% had total reve… View this resource

Canadian Association of Arts Administration Educators Graduate Survey

Arts Research Monitor

This report, based on a survey of graduates of cultural management and arts administration programs in Canada, outlines the situation of young cultural managers in Canada. There is no mention in the report of whether the 285 respondents constitute a… View this resource

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