Book publishing and reading

Volume 7 No 4 / September 10, 200810 September 2008

In this issue: Canadian reports related to book publishing and book reading, including a statistical profile of the book publishing industry, an examination of the impacts of digitization on book publishers and two studies of the social impacts of book reading.


Social effects of book reading

Arts Research Monitor

Social Effects of Culture: Exploratory Statistical EvidenceSocial Effects of Culture: Detailed Statistical ModelsHill Strategies Research, March 31 and July 23, 2008… View this resource

The Impact of Digitization on the Book Industry

Arts Research Monitor

This report, prepared for the Association of Canadian Publishers by Diane Davy, examines the impact of digitization on Canadian book publishers. The impact of digitization is characterized as “profound and all encompassing”, despite digitization stil… View this resource

Book publishing industry

Arts Research Monitor

The most recent Statistics Canada summary of the book publishing industry shows that book publishing revenues in Canada were $2.1 billion in 2006, while total expenses amounted to $1.9 billion. Before-tax profits were 10.3% of total revenues. Domesti… View this resource

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