Economic impact / Government funding

Volume 7 No 5 / October 23, 200823 October 2008

In this issue: Canadian reports on the economic impact of the cultural sector, funding for the cultural sector, and the economic contribution of the overall non-profit sector in Canada.


Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering

Arts Research Monitor

The full report is available at: Statistics Canada’s Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering provides information on the economic size and scope of the non-pr… View this resource

Funding Arts and Culture under Canada’s 39th Parliament

Arts Research Monitor

Despite several warnings about the difficulties of making an accurate analysis of Canadian Heritage’s cultural funding over time, this report does shed some light on recent trends in Canadian Heritage’s cultural funding. The report finds that “overal… View this resource

Valuing Culture

Arts Research Monitor

This detailed report from the Conference Board of Canada examines the cultural sector’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment. The report also provides a summary of some existing research into the social impacts of the arts…. View this resource

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