Performing arts: Attendance, donors and social impacts

Volume 7 No 6 / November 26, 200826 November 2008

In this issue: three reports that examine the performing arts, including American segmentation studies of performing arts attendees and donors, as well as a presentation that highlights the social impacts of performing arts attendance in Canada.


Social Impacts of the Performing Arts

Arts Research Monitor

This presentation highlights findings regarding the broad social impacts of performing arts attendance for individuals. In addition, the presentation provides key data regarding performing arts attendance in 2005 and trends in attendance since 1992…. View this resource

A Segmentation Model for Donors to 12 University Presenting Programs

Arts Research Monitor

The primary finding of this report is that values, beliefs, aspirations and motivations are related to donations and to donation levels in the performing arts. Rather than relying only on past donation behaviour and the personal knowledge of developm… View this resource

A Segmentation Model for Performing Arts Ticket Buyers

Arts Research Monitor

This report argues that “values, beliefs, aspirations and motivations drive [performing arts] purchase and donation”. Along with other reports in a “Values Survey”, the report attempts to “build new customer segmentation models for performing arts ti… View this resource

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