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Volume 5 No 9 / February 15, 200715 February 2007

This month: a focus on communities and culture, including the report of a federal committee on cities and communities, a Saskatchewan briefing note on communities and culture, a presentation about the cultural development of Kitchener-Waterloo, and an American report on indicators of local cultural vitality.


Cultural Vitality in Communities: Interpretation and Indicators

Arts Research Monitor

This report from the (U.S.) Urban Institute attempts to “develop and recommend an initial set of arts and culture indicators derived from nationally available data” and to compare some American metropolitan areas based on the indicators. The report d… View this resource

Are We a Creative Community?

Arts Research Monitor

This presentation by Kelly Hill, hosted by the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, examines how creating a vibrant cultural centre could assist in the Kitchener-Waterloo area’s goal of “moving from good to great”. There… View this resource

Capitalizing on Culture

Arts Research Monitor

A public forum in Saskatoon in September 2006, on which this briefing note is based, brought together a number of speakers to discuss “two powerful issues: the development of our cities and the nature of culture as a public good”. As introduced by Je… View this resource

From Restless Communities to Resilient Places: Building a Stronger Future for All Canadians

Arts Research Monitor

The federal External Advisory Committee on Cities and Communities, led by former B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt, outlines four key dimensions in creating sustainable communities: economic, environmental, social and cultural. The report states that “cultu… View this resource

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