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Volume 5 No 8 / January 23, 200723 January 2007

This month: a report on public perceptions of charitable organizations as well as four reports on individual donors, business support and individual volunteers in the arts and culture.


Volunteers and Donors in the Cultural Sector in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This presentation, conducted by Kelly Hill and presented by Culture Montreal, provides a portrait of individual participation in arts and culture organizations. The English report refers to Canadian data related to volunteers and individual donors in… View this resource

Volunteers in Arts and Culture Organizations in Canada in 2004

Arts Research Monitor

Canadian arts and culture organizations rely on volunteers to fulfill many roles, including serving on boards of directors, organizing events, working in gift shops and performing various administrative tasks. Without volunteer support, many arts and… View this resource

Private Funding of Culture

Arts Research Monitor

This Montreal report on business support for culture, based on interviews with representatives of 50 companies and an online survey completed by 210 business people, finds that the primary motivations for business sponsorships include enhancing the c… View this resource

Individual Donors to Arts and Culture Organizations in Canada in 2004

Arts Research Monitor

Over the last few years, many cultural organizations have been raising funds to build new spaces, renew older buildings, develop endowment funds or cover operating expenses. This report from Hill Strategies Research provides a picture of arts and cul… View this resource

Talking About Charities 2006

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a national telephone survey of 3,864 Canadians 18 or older, this report finds that “Canadians continue to hold their charities in high esteem, with high levels of trust in charities and those who lead them”. Almost all respondent… View this resource

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