Creative economy / Cultural industries

Volume 15 No 9 / February 22, 201722 February 2017

In this issue: Four reports that examine the broader cultural and creative industries, including two international comparisons of the creative economy or creative industries, a Canadian summary of the concept of the creative economy, as well as American statistics on the creative industries.


Creative Industries 2015

Arts Research Monitor

This brief report summarizes data on not-for-profit organizations and businesses “involved in the production or distribution of the arts”. Included in the definition are organizations and businesses such as not-for-profit orchestras, muse… View this resource

The Creative Economy: Key Concepts and Literature Review Highlights

Arts Research Monitor

This report provides a brief overview of key concepts regarding the term “the creative economy” as well as an extensive bibliography of reports related to the creative economy (as of 2013).The report notes that the term “creative ec… View this resource

Cultural Times – the First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries

Arts Research Monitor

This study examines worldwide revenues and employment in 11 cultural and creative industries: advertising; architecture; books; gaming; movies; music; newspapers and magazines; performing arts; radio; television; and visual arts and design. Worldwide… View this resource

Creative Economy Employment in the US, Canada and the UK

Arts Research Monitor

Based on Canadian, American, and United Kingdom employment surveys, this report compares the creative economy in the three countries. The authors did substantial work to ensure a high degree of comparability between the different occupational and ind… View this resource

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