Creative (smaller) cities

Volume 10 No 2 / August 17, 201117 August 2011

In this issue: A focus on the presence and impacts of culture in cities, especially smaller municipalities, based on a number of discussion papers, presentations and other resources that explore aspects of creative cities.


My City’s Still Breathing: A symposium exploring the arts, artists and the city

Arts Research Monitor

This symposium, organized as part of Winnipeg’s Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 activities, was designed to “deliberate and debate the current and future relationships of art and design to city-making”. The symposium brought together international ex… View this resource

Presentations on arts and culture in smaller cities

Arts Research Monitor

Kelly Hill recently conducted a number of presentations in smaller cities, including St. John’s, St. Catharines and Barrie. These presentations provide some insights into the situation of arts and culture in smaller and regional centres.In St. John’s… View this resource

Community Character: How Arts and Cultural Strategies Create, Reinforce, and Enhance Sense of Place

Arts Research Monitor

This briefing paper, written for generalist planners, highlights how “arts and culture strategies help to reveal and enhance the underlying identity – the unique meaning, value, and character” – of a community. The paper outlines four way… View this resource

Bigger thinking for smaller cities

Arts Research Monitor

This discussion paper provides British examples of how the arts and culture sector can help stimulate and sustain economic growth, build a sense of shared identity, promote community cohesion, and help address challenges regarding infrastructure and… View this resource

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