Performing arts

Volume 10 No 3 / September 14, 201114 September 2011

In this issue: A focus on performing arts statistics, including a summary of the situation of performing arts organizations, statistics on presenters and independent artists, a survey of audience experiences at music festivals and concerts, as well as an American survey of audience engagement in dance.


Engaging Dance Audiences

Arts Research Monitor

This American report, based on a survey of nearly 7,500 dance attendees in the summer of 2010, probes how dance audience members engage with dance presentations. While the survey respondents provide a good sample of attendees at performances put on b… View this resource

Canadians’ Experiences Attending Arts Presenter and Festival Activities

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines audience motivations for attending and experiences at 24 music festivals and concert series funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Arts Presentation Canada program in 2008-09. Over 2,000 onsite interviews were conducted… View this resource

Spectator Sports, Event Promoters, Artists and Related Industries (2009)

Arts Research Monitor

While Statistics Canada’s performing arts survey provides information about performing arts companies, this survey provides some information about arts presenters and independent artists, along with sports presenters. However, the data in the survey… View this resource

Performing arts (2009)

Arts Research Monitor

Statistics Canada recently released summary data of performing arts organizations in 2009. The performing arts survey provides information about for-profit and not-for-profit theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, opera, dance, musical groups (e.g… View this resource

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