Cultural employment and training

Volume 7 No 2 / May 28, 200828 May 2008

In this issue: a number of reports on culture employment in Canada, including a Statistics Canada examination of culture occupations in non-cultural sectors, a study of a potential policy framework for creative labour, and reports on professional development in Ontario’s cultural sector.


Enriching Our Work in Culture: Professional Development in Ontario’s Cultural Sector

Arts Research Monitor

This study, prepared for the Cultural Careers Council of Ontario (CCCO) by Ipsos-Reid, provides information about professional development practices in Ontario’s cultural sector, including data about “how much training is pursued, the types of traini… View this resource

From Economy to Ecology: A Policy Framework for Creative Labour

Arts Research Monitor

This report acknowledges that the creative economy is growing faster than most other sectors and, in Canada, accounts for a greater share of GDP than many primary resource sectors. Despite this, Canada, like many other countries, does not have a comp… View this resource

Creative Input: The Role of Culture Occupations in the Economy during the 1990s

Arts Research Monitor

Short summary available at Using data from the 1991, 1996 and 2001 censuses, this Statistics Canada report notes that the growth in the number of culture workers was 38% between 1991 and 2001, a… View this resource

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