Economic, social, and health benefits of the arts

Volume 13 No 4 / October 15, 201415 October 2014

In this issue: Summaries of three recent landmark studies related to the benefits of the arts, including Canadian and English summaries of various aspects of the impacts of the arts as well as new estimates of the economic impact of culture in Canada.


The value of arts and culture to people and society – an evidence review

Arts Research Monitor

This English literature review was intended as a summary of “the strength of the evidence base between 2010–13 about the economic, social, health and wellbeing, education, lifelong learning and environmental impacts and outcomes of arts a… View this resource

Making a Holistic Case for the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

This literature review, conducted in May 2014, synthesized the findings of 46 Canadian research articles regarding the “holistic case for the arts, i.e., outcomes of the arts related to the quality of life, well-being, health, society, educatio… View this resource

Canadian Culture Satellite Account, 2010

Arts Research Monitor

This Statistics Canada report examines the direct economic impact of the arts, culture, and heritage in Canada, using methodology that is comparable to other sectors of the economy. However, this methodology differs significantly from previous estima… View this resource

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