Arts participation and engagement

Volume 13 No 5 / November 12, 201412 November 2014

In this issue: A summary of quantitative and qualitative research into arts participation and engagement, including statistics on performing arts attendance in Quebec, a literature review of the value of cultural experiences, a discussion paper on the quality of experience in the arts, and a research article on measuring the quality of arts engagement.


Empowering Audiences to Measure Quality

Arts Research Monitor

Based on in-depth interviews with marketing managers from four Australian performing arts organizations, this article proposes four key indicators of the quality of audience experience in the performing arts: knowledge transfer or learning, risk mana… View this resource

Quality of Experience in the Arts: A Discussion Paper

Arts Research Monitor

This English report attempts to provide a conceptualization of the quality of arts experiences that is flexible (i.e., relevant to various contexts, art forms, and levels of audience familiarity with the arts) and “meaningful in the context of… View this resource

Understanding the Value and Impacts of Cultural Experiences: A Literature Review

Arts Research Monitor

This English review of “academically-robust research and influential policy papers from the past twenty years” examines two streams of research about the value and impact of cultural experiences: “1) how individuals benefit from att… View this resource

Ten years of statistics on performing arts attendance in Quebec

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines performing arts attendance in Quebec over a ten-year period (2004-2013), including performances of theatre, dance, music, comedy, circus, and magic. In 2013, the most recent year of the study, there were 17,100 performances with… View this resource

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