Visual arts and museums

Volume 13 No 6 / November 26, 201426 November 2014

In this issue: A focus on the visual arts and museums, including a report on the situation of art galleries in Ontario, a statistical summary of museum attendance in Quebec, and two papers on the state of the visual arts in Canada.


The Visual Arts in Canada: A Synthesis and Critical Analysis of Recent Research

Arts Research Monitor

Commissioned by the Visual Arts Alliance with a financial contribution from the Canada Council for the Arts, this literature review attempts to provide a synthesis of existing research in the visual arts in Canada and to identify gaps in this researc… View this resource

Re‐visioning the Visual Arts

Arts Research Monitor

Based on discussions at the Kingston Colloquium of the Visual Arts Alliance in 2011, this position paper attempts to identify “ways to make the visual arts more central in the lives of Canada and Canadians”.The colloquium heard from Jeff… View this resource

Attendance at Quebec museums and heritage organizations in 2012 and 2013

Arts Research Monitor

This report highlights attendance statistics at 440 Quebec museums, interpretive centres, and exhibition spaces (excluding artist-run centres). In 2013, total attendance was 14.2 million, the highest level since the Observatoire began this survey in… View this resource

Ontario Association of Art Galleries Data Exchange

Arts Research Monitor

The goal of the research outlined in this presentation was to provide “reliable, detailed data on public art galleries across Ontario”, thereby influencing art gallery sector analysis as well as organizations’ benchmarking and futur… View this resource

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