Indigenous arts / Diversity and equity in the arts / Economic impact

Volume 16 No 5 / September 27, 201727 September 2017

In this issue: Two Canadian and two international reports that explore issues related to Indigenous, gender, and cultural equity, impacts, and development in the arts.


Showcasing Creativity: Programming and presenting First Nations performing arts

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a “national mapping of the publicly available programs of 135 mainstream presenters across Australia” in 2015 as well as a custom survey of 44 presenters and interviews with 40 performing arts producers and presenters, this repor… View this resource

The Ongoing Gender Gap in Art Museum Directorships

Arts Research Monitor

This report, based on a survey of 210 American art museums in 2016 that followed up on issues uncovered in a similar survey in 2013, finds that a “gender gap persists” in art museums, despite “incremental gains in some areas of pay… View this resource

Hard Numbers: A Study on Diversity in Canada’s Galleries

Arts Research Monitor

Given the “severe lack of hard data” on diversity in Canadian art galleries, the author of this report, with assistance from anonymous collaborators, created a dataset of the diversity in select leadership positions in 80 galleries that h… View this resource

Impact of the Inuit arts economy

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a custom-designed 2016 Survey of the Inuit Arts Economy and Statistics Canada’s 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, this report outlines the economic impacts of Inuit arts in Canada. Overall, the report finds that “the Inuit arts eco… View this resource

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