Public perception of the arts and culture

Volume 16 No 4 / August 23, 201723 August 2017

In this issue: Four reports that probe different elements of public perception of the arts and culture in Canada and the United States, including an Ontario survey related to the quality of life, a Quebec survey related to artists and their role in society, a survey related to English-language books in Canada, and an American survey of public attitudes toward the arts.


Americans Speak Out About the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an online survey of 3,020 American adults in December 2015, this report summarizes responses to a series of questions about arts engagement, education, government funding, and the benefits to individuals and communities.Regarding arts engage… View this resource

Public Opinion on the Value of Books in the English Language Book Sector

Arts Research Monitor

Based on five research streams (two online public surveys, two sets of focus groups, and key informant interviews), this report summarizes the “current attitudes of English-speaking Canadians about the cultural and economic value of written wor… View this resource

Public perception of the arts and culture in Quebec

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an online survey of 1,410 Quebec residents (18 and older) in September 2015, this report highlights the public’s perceptions of artists, their role in society, impacts of the cultural sector, and the governmental role in supporting cul… View this resource

Impressions of the Impact of the Arts on Quality of Life and Well-Being in Ontario

Arts Research Monitor

This report presents the results of a random telephone survey of 1,004 Ontario residents (18 and older) in early March 2017, bearing a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Respondents were asked a series of ques… View this resource

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