Arts attendance and COVID-19

Volume 19 No 3 / November 2, 20202 November 2020

In this issue: Insights into entertainment spending expectations as well as digital and in-person arts participation during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on two Canadian and two American surveys.


Expected changes in spending habits during the recovery period

Arts Research Monitor

The headline of this study states that “Canadians plan to reduce spending on discretionary items” after businesses and organizations start to reopen. The study’s overall conclusion is particularly true for planned spending on entertainment, as shown… View this resource

B.C. Patron Insights

Arts Research Monitor

Aiming “to better understand arts and culture patron sentiment in order to assist in our sector’s COVID-19 recovery efforts”, this report summarizes the views of British Columbians who are on the mailing lists of 11 participating arts organizations,… View this resource

Culture and Community in a Time of Crisis

Arts Research Monitor

This report is predominantly based on a mid-May survey of over 122,000 Americans who are on the mailing lists of 653 arts and culture organizations, including 336 museums and collecting organizations, 285 performing arts organizations, and 32 organiz… View this resource

COVID-19 Updates

Arts Research Monitor

Based largely on “the largest ongoing survey of perceptions and behaviors surrounding cultural organizations in the U.S. and data from 224 cultural organizations” (reaching 151,000 respondents), research posts on this website track key issues related… View this resource

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