Arts participation

Volume 18 No 10 / March 18, 202018 March 2020

Diversity of attendees, plus attendance motivations and barriers

In this issue: A focus on arts attendance and an emphasis on diversity, including an exploration of attendance motivations, barriers, benefits, and community attachment, as well as statistical findings regarding inequities in arts attendance.


Diversity and Drivers of Arts Attendance

Arts Research Monitor

This report presents findings from a deeper dive into the Culture Track Canada dataset, an online survey of 6,444 Canadian arts and culture participants, related to attendance and drivers of attendance “according to ethnicity, language and immigratio… View this resource

Demographic Patterns in Canadians’ Performing Arts Participation

Arts Research Monitor

Predominantly based on Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey, this presentation provides key demographic findings related to performing arts and festival attendance. The General Social Survey was designed to represent all Canadians, not just cult… View this resource

Focus Groups on Canadians’ Participation in the Arts

Arts Research Monitor

Based on the findings of qualitative focus groups with 108 Canadian adults, this report provides insights into motivations, barriers, benefits, and community attachment related to arts participation. Acting as a supplement to the 2017 Arts and Herita… View this resource

The coming crisis of cultural engagement? Measurement, methods, and the nuances of niche activities

Arts Research Monitor

This article from the United Kingdom (U.K.) analyzes and compares “traditional” survey data on arts attendance with detailed ticketing data, with a focus on the equity or inequity of attendance at different artforms. The data from both the survey and… View this resource

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