Museums and heritage organizations

Volume 17 No 5 / September 26, 201826 September 2018

In this issue: Quantitative and qualitative information related to museums and heritage organizations, including Canadian and provincial data on galleries, museums, and heritage organizations as well as an American study of key trends in the museums sector.


TrendsWatch 2017

Arts Research Monitor

Each year, the Center for the Future of Museums highlights trends that they believe are of significance to museums, based on their scanning and analysis. In 2017, these trends related to empathy, civil rights, artificial intelligence, involuntary mig… View this resource

Attendance at Quebec museums and heritage organizations in 2016 and 2017

Arts Research Monitor

Based on survey responses from 406 Quebec-based heritage organizations, this report focuses on attendance at museums, interpretive centres, and exhibition spaces (excluding artist-run centres). In 2017, total attendance was 15.9 million, which the re… View this resource

Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions: 2017

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an online survey as well as data from the Canada Revenue Agency, this report summarizes national and provincial data on heritage institutions in 2015. Included in the results are art galleries, museums, archives, historic and heritage sites,… View this resource

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