Trade and tourism in the arts and culture

Volume 17 No 6 / October 30, 201830 October 2018

In this issue: Quantitative and qualitative information related to trade and tourism in the arts, culture, and heritage, including Canadian estimates of culture trade, an examination of culture’s inclusion or exclusion from international treaties and agreements, an international study of cultural tourism, and a United Kingdom report on international flows of cultural talent.


Trade of culture and sport products, 2016

Arts Research Monitor

Developed “as an extension of the Canadian Culture Satellite Account and the Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Indicators”, these estimates of trade in arts, culture, and heritage products show that culture exports ($16.0 billion) represen… View this resource

Culture in Treaties and Agreements

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines whether and how countries have applied the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (the Convention) in 59 bilateral or regional agreements. The Convention, adopted in October 200… View this resource

Tourism and Culture Synergies

Arts Research Monitor

Based on online surveys of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Member States and cultural tourism experts around the world, this report examines definitions, recent trends, and potential policy objectives related to cultural tourism. The UNWTO has ado… View this resource

Global Talent Report

Arts Research Monitor

Based on government statistics, a custom survey of creative businesses, and interviews with stakeholders in the creative sector, this report examines the United Kingdom’s need for international workers in the creative industries and how the impending… View this resource

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